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Weco Plastik® profile 5000
for roofs and balconies,
in transparent or other colours

offers various design options

easy to fit

quick fitting using available accessories
Weco Plastik® profile 5000 transparent

Weco Plastik® colours allow various design options

Weco Plastik® profile 5000

Cover width 144 mm, height 18 mm,
7 profiles necessary to cover 1 m,
Weco Plastik® profile 5000 can be
connected in any length,
finishing with end strip U 18

Weco Plastik® profile 5000 - backside with slide nut
Reverse side with slide nut.
For inserting fastening material for example slide nuts or fastening clamps

WECO-Profil 5000 - different colours

wood grain natural

wood grain dark

wood grain middle



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